I'm losing sleep over Donald Trump. I toss and turn every night, unable to drift off because of my worry that the worst president in the history of our country and one of the most despicable persons on the planet, will somehow be re-elected in November, though given his incompetence, his constant lying, his arrogance and stumblebum style of public speaking, you'd think the man couldn't win an election running unopposed.

But he has a surprisingly large base of support, including people Trump obviously disdains, believing — perhaps correctly — they will swallow whatever crap he feeds them. When Trump says he's done a really great job of handling the coronavirus pandemic, admits he wanted to slow down the testing, only to brag the next day about how many tests have been made, and a few days later says, hey, there's nothing to worry anyway because 99 percent of coronavirus cases are "perfectly harmless", this group cheers, never questioning the contradictions and nonsense coming from the president's mouth.

I believe many Trump supporters are terminally stupid. That's one reason I worry. What would be funny, if it weren't so potentially tragic, is many people will vote for Trump for the same reasons they did in 2016 — they're mad as hell and can't take it any more. It won't dawn on them that the man who made many promises four years ago has done virtually nothing. That wall he said would be paid for by Mexico is only three miles longer than it was in 2016. Three miles.

Of course, Trump takes credit for all of the wall that has been built, though 99 percent of it — there's that figure again — went up during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. Most of the money spent on the wall since then has been for repairs and reconstruction.

• I also worry because Joe Biden is a weak candidate who may not withstand the bombast sure to come his way in every presidential debate. Neither candidate is a good speaker, and both often have trouble making sense, remembering things, and, in Trump's case, pronouncing words and names correctly. The debates are sure to be comedies of errors and lies in which the bully usually wins, and Trump is a bully, while Biden, unfortunately, often looks like the village idiot.

• I worry that Trump will convince millions of voters he is waging war against a left wing plot to destroy this country. I worry about this a lot because some of what Trump says will be true. And I worry because I know four more years of Trump would only increase unrest and lengthen the list of legitimate grievances against those in positions of power.

• I worry that not enough people will heed the words of Terry Crews, an actor and former pro football player, and a black American. Recently he said Black Lives Matter shouldn't turn into "Black lives are better." He warned about the movement's extremes, and threats if demands aren't met, about blacks who work within the system, side-by-side with whites being called Uncle Toms. He said a "dangerous self-righteousness" was developing in BLM.

"It's almost a supremist movement," he said, "as if their black lives mattered a lot more than mine." He also said black people need to hold other black people accountable.

• I worry that those who speak out in support of Black Lives Matter will wander away from the target of equal justice and make crazy statements about other matters, such as our history.

BLM activist Angela Rye, an attorney and political commentator who was executive director and general counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus for the 112th Congress, said on CNN that slaves built our whole country. That certainly was news to descendants of such people as coal miners, railroad construction workers, people who built our damns and factories, our steelworkers, and a host of other people who were predominately white and vastly underpaid. And, oh, yes, their lives mattered very little to their employers.

Please, don't piss off people so much that they'll vote for The Donald. We can't take another four years of the narcissist who would be king.

• I worry that many in the media who understandably believe Trump is unfit for office will hand him ammunition with reporting that can understandably be regarded as one-sided. Trump may be a racist, but he is not the only racist making noise these days. It may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but blacks can be racists, too.

• I worry that the media will continue to get hung up on trivial matters, such as trying to make White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tell the truth. People, she gets paid to endorse Trump's lies. Just put her on the record once, and move on. To pester her with the same question time after time is pointless. If anything, it generates sympathy for her. It does no good to call attention to the stupidity of her boss's latest tweet.

• If Trump does win, and I worry that this is a real possibility, then we might as well change our name to the Divided States of America. And the next time the Olympics are held, you can expect people to cheer, "DSA! DSA! DSA!" And Donald Trump will be so proud.