If it had been anyone else, I wouldn't have reacted so cynically. But the announcement came from the biggest liar in the world, a horrible, deplorable president, and our most shameless conniver. Donald J. Trump is an overgrown child who keeps crying, "Wolf!," spewing one conspiracy theory after another, telling tales of black-clad people from Mars who are the power behind Joe Biden's candidacy for president, screaming about "millions and millions" of unsolicited ballots that don't exist, warning us the Democrats are planning to steal the election while asking us to ignore evidence that he's the thief.

But it appears Trump did test positive for the coronavirus, but since he seldom tells the truth — even stumbling over his name not long ago and referring to himself Donald Prump — I immediately became suspicious.

For example, what better way to weasel out of the last two presidential debates than to be too sick to participate? Even the shameless Trump must have been a teensy bit embarrassed over his behavior during the first debate, which prompted a Los Angeles Times writer to say, "Even some food fights have more decorum."

Another reason Trump might merely pretend to be sick is to get much-needed sympathy while he Twitters his followers about his courageous fight against the disease, then announces he is healthy again, bragging, "See, I told you this China virus is no big deal!"

WOW! HOW TERRIBLE that I could react this way to news a United States president has come down with a disease that has contributed to the deaths of more than 200,000 American citizens. But that's what Donald Trump's warped view of the truth has done to me. Until he was taken to Walter Reed Hospital, I was very suspicious about this Covid-19 business.

But when he bullied his way out of the hospital a few days later, returned to the White House, and a few minutes later removed his mask and went inside to infect more people ... well, I couldn't help but think I may have been right the first time, because, sure enough, he Twittered advice to the effect that we shouldn't worry about Covid. I guess he thinks every American receives the same kind of treatment he received at Walter Reed. He claimed he learned a lot about the disease during his hospital stay, but apparently missed the part about him still being stick and able to infect people around him.

Swell guy, Mr. Trump, who doesn't deserve to be called Mr. President, because he's never acted presidential. His behavior has gotten even worse since the September 29 presidential debate of 2020 when he proved to be a despicable, discourteous human being who constantly interrupted his opponent, and lied from beginning to end, creating a blizzard for fact-checkers.

NATURALLY, it would be unspeakably cruel and inhumane to wish Trump ill, but the ignorance and arrogance he, his family and his followers have displayed throughout the pandemic severely tests our goodwill. Images of unmasked people attending a recent Rose Garden gathering, hugging and chatting with their faces inches apart, or the photo of Melania Trump and members of the president's family sitting unmasked at the farce that was the September 29 debate, knowing this group rebuffed a representative of the Cleveland Clinic who offered them masks ... these images are disturbing.

It's both easy and valid to say Donald Trump is a super-spreader, so what happened to him was well deserved. Yes, anyone with an ounce of humanity is rooting for his recovery, but honesty compels me to say I will not mourn his death whenever it occurs.

I am reminded of idiots who attempt to climb mountains, find themselves trapped in precarious situations and expect to be rescued. Naturally, people respond to their cries for help, but you can't help but be annoyed with people who are so selfishly reckless. Trump is even worse because of the way he has ignored the health of those around him, and how the people his events have infected then undoubtedly infected their families, friends and associates.

Several of those made sick by Donald Trump's arrogance and disregard play important roles in the operation of our government. It's their misfortune to be working for Donald, the Disease-Spreader.

I HAD HOPED Trump's bout with Covid-19 would merely be a mild scare for the nation's most famous germophobe, but events of October 5, when he returned to the White House against the advice of doctors, showed him to be incapable of understanding what is going on around him.

If there is any justice, Trump will experience a crushing defeat in the election. Clearly, the only way to make America great again is to boot this man out of the White House. I expected him to be a bad president, but in my wildest dreams couldn't anticipate he would be so dangerously inept.