Pictured above: John and Mary Major (left), parents of the three brothers who
emigratedto America, Helena Kalinowski and Boleslaw Smolinski (right).

The three Major brothers (and various descendants)
Charles J. Major (1837-1905)

Thomas E. Major (1872-1957)

Charles T. Major Sr. (1896-1962) was justice of the peach of Skaneateles, town supervisor, and attorney for Onondaga County before he was appointed a New York State Court of Claims Judge in 1953 by Gov. Thomas E. Dewey.

Floyd Joseph Major (1899-1984) was nicknamed Blackie as a baby because his black hair set him apart from his twin brother, Lloyd, who had red hair, which, naturally earned him the nickname, Red. Floyd married Anna Loretta McGinn (1898-1976), which accounts for our McGinn family tree.

Sarto C. Major (1904-2001) became sheriff of Onondaga County

John E. Major (1905-1952)

Charles P. Major (1874-1952) retired from the New York State Electric and Gas Company and was active in Auburn politicst.

Mickey Major (1879-1962) was a well-known local baseball player.

Among the other children of Charles J. Major was Anne Major, who married an interesting entrepreneur named Michael J. O'Hara.

John P. Major (1841-1914)
William James Major (1845-1905) married Mary Ann O'Neill Major (1845-1936) in 1865 in St. Mary's Church, Bellaghy, Magherafelt, County Derry, Ireland, connecting the Majors and the famous O'Neill clan. Mary Ann was the daughter of William O'Neill and Katherine McErfane. Mary Ann and her siblings are included in our small O"Neill family tree.

John W. Major (1869-1940)

Viola "Lola" Major, second child of John W. and Rose McLaughlin Major, married a colorful character named Anthony Kane. I've assembled a partial Kane family tree.

Catherine "Kate" Major (1871-1934) married William Dougherty, providing the first connection between our extended family and a Dougherty (aka Doherty).

Patrick Major (1878-1956)

The Smolinski tree
The roots of this tree are three brothers from Russia-occupied Poland who arrived in the United States at the start of the 20th century — Boleslaw (William), Ignacy (James) and Josef (Joseph). Wanda Smolinski, the first child of Boleslaw, married Peter Kaldowski, which connected our family to several residents of Solvay and the west end of Syracuse.
Boleslaw Smolinski Jr. was born in Poland during his parents temporary return, but he grew up in Solvay, NY, and married Gertrude Maltby, which accounts for a Maltby family tree.
The McLaughlins
William McLaughlin Sr. (1793-1853) He remained in Ireland, but several of his children emigrated to the United States.

Elizabeth McLaughlin (1817-1906) married Patrick Doherty in Ireland, They had four of their seven children in Ireland before emigrating to the United States. As Dohertys are wont to do, some of them spelled their last name Dougherty.

James "40 Acres" McLaughlin (1821-1911) He wasn't the oldest, but he was the first of William McLaughlin's children to leave Ireland. "40 Acres" was so nicknamed because he settled near Skaneateles on 40 acres of land. His first three children were born in Ireland and died there during the potato famine. He and his wife, Ann McKinney, had eight more children in the United States. Among them::

James McLaughlin Jr. (1849-1914) made our extended family's second connection with the O'Neill clan, but his marriage to Mary Jane O'Neill was a troubled relationship.

Dennis R. McLaughlin (1851-1925) was one of four members of the McLaughlin-Major family who married an O'Hara. His wife was Mary O'Hara, (1851-1905) sister of Edward H. O'Hara, onetime publisher of the Syracuse Herald, whose son, Edward A. "Bud" O'Hara also was publisher of the Herald. Dennis McLaughlin's son, Harry, married Bridget O'Hara, from a different branch of the O'Hara family.

Edward J. McLaughlin (1874-1933), son of Mary O'Hara and Dennis McLaughlin, married Mary Ellen Carrigan (1872-1931), daughter of Mary Jane O'Neill and the man we've designated as "the other Patrick Carrigan."

William McLaughlin (1853-1914), John McLaughlin Sr. (1854-1934), Margaret McLaughlin (1859-1910)

Cornelius McLaughlin (1862-1943) married Elizabeth O'Hara (1864-1916).

Helen McLaughlin (1832-1922)

John McLaughlin (1832-1922)

Corneliius "Neal" McLaughlin (1833-1911)

Mary McLaughlin (1868-1918), Irish-born daughter of Cornelius "Neal" McLaughlin, eventually settled in Central New York. She married into the Carrigan family, headed by a self-named "Irish Lord."

William McLaughlin Jr. (1836-1909)

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