Three Major brothers emigrated from Ireland in the 1860s. About forty years later, three Smolinski brothers left Russia-occupied Poland. This is an attempt to trace several generations of relatives who settled in Central New York. Other names prominent in our extended family: McLaughlin, O'Hara, O'Neill, Dougherty/Doherty, Kane, Kaldowski, McGinn, Maltby.

A trip down Memory Lane with several members of the Major and Smolinski families, including:

Buster Major: prankster, athlete, politician
Charlie Major: the judge who puts out fires
Oel Johnson: he survived the Bataan death march


Several stories originating in Solvay, New York, or having a strong Solvay connection, including:

Shootout near St. Cecilia's Church.
Big bang in Split Rock
Prequel to 'The Blob' "
Solvay goes to war
Did Capone send them?


A collection of stories, some with a Solvay connection, some with a family connection, and others that we simply found interesting.

Tragic World War Two blunder
Tony Kane's last voyage
Before Trump, there was W.E.D. Stokes
Empress of the Galopagos


The fellow who put this website together used to be an entertainment writer. He remembers some celebrities he interviewed, including:

Jack Lord
Barbara Streisand
Bill Cosby
Ozzie and Harriet
The Three Stooges


Childhood memories, adult pet peeves, odd interests.

Baseball's Ethan Allen: The original spin doctor.
Road rage began with right turn on red
Sleeping with snakes
Nicknames are an endangered species
Home is where your taste buds are
We're descended from space aliens